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*Some comments in the Excel document are cutoff due to line height restrictions in Excel. Full comments are visible by clicking in the cells or by viewing the PDF document. The PDF document is less pages and more suitable for printing than the Excel document because of formatting options.


U.S. Census Bureau ~
Agency responsible for conducting the decennial census and distributing national and state population data, including redistricting data.

National Conference of State Legislatures ~

Redistricting ~

Office of Financial Management ~
Agency responsible for preparing the state budget, economic forecasts, financial and demographic reports.

Office of the Secretary of State ~
Agency responsible for supervising state and local elections, and certifying the results of state primaries and general elections.

United State House of Representatives ~

United States Senate ~

Washington State Legislature ~

Washington State Legislature - District Finder ~
A site with statewide district and congressional maps. Enter your zip code here to find out which congressional and legislative district you live in.

The Washington State Redistricting Act - RCW 44.05
Content on this page explains the statutory responsibilities of the Washington State Redistricting Commission.

Redistricting-Related Rules - Title 417 WAC
Content on this page describes the administrative rules by which the commission operates.

Agency Rules - Approved by Commission on Wednesday, July 6, 2011.
Rules will be permanent as of Monday, August 8, 2011.
WAC 417-06 | WAC 417-01 | WAC 417-02 | CR-102


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